Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

First of all, I must give credit to the creator of this great recipe. (see above 😉

And now, let me tell you that these are easily the very best cinnamon rolls we have ever tasted.

When I started to prepare the dough for these yummy treats, I hadn’t really read the recipe through. I assumed it would only call for natural/wild yeast (a.k.a. sourdough starter). Alas, no. It requires a combination.

So I had to tuck the dough away in the fridge overnight until I got to the grocery store to buy some yeast. I used to buy large packages of it at Costco, and always have plenty on hand. But once I started making sourdough bread with my own starter, I got rid of it as I never seemed to use it anymore. Lesson learned! Keep some on hand.

The next day I added the yeast to the dough. It was not an easy process; I definitely recommend following the order of operations as written. However, I got it in there with a bit of water, and left it to rise. After kneading it down and leaving it another night in the fridge, I rolled out the soft and sticky dough, spread it with filling, and sliced it into a couple dozen rolls.

I like the idea of baking them in glass pie dishes; much prettier than an oblong pan. I let them rise again for a while before finally popping them into the oven for a surprisingly quick bake.

Et voila!

In short, we will never use any other recipe for cinnamon rolls. These ones win, hands down.

My husband even suggested using this dough recipe for the orange rolls we always have for Christmas Day breakfast. My mouth waters at the thought…

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Pincher Creek. (just found this draft from summer)

I am currently (very punny 😉 in the creek. Sitting on a rock, midstream, dipping my toes in the barely cool water as it flows all around me. It’s so sunny and hot that the gentle breeze is barely enough to refresh me; hence the toe-dipping. I removed my feet for the first time, rather hurriedly, when some passing minnow decided to nibble my toes. It was a tad bit startling, but otherwise I am soaking in the peace of this beautiful day in this beautiful place.

Strolling leisurely down here this afternoon, I kept inhaling the hot summer grass and wildflower smells… I’m so blessed to live here. It’s a little like living in the country again; the way I can just meander out the door and down the hill and within a few minutes be here in this wild and wonderful spot.

When the time comes to move to Calgary, I know I’ll be going to lots of good things. Life is seasonal like this, isn’t it? But I can’t help feeling how desperately I will miss it here….

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Yesterday I spent hours on a ‘live chat’ with Apple representatives who were trying to help me sort out an issue with my phone/ computer. Why multiple representatives, you may ask? Occasionally I would find myself mysteriously disconnected (likely something I unwittingly did here), upon which I would reconnect and begin all over with the next cheerful problem solver.  Having said (typed) all I had to say about this technical concern more than enough times, and it being of no interest whatsoever now that it’s solved, I won’t bore you with it. The point is that it took a long time and required a great deal of persistence on both my part (I was motivated to fix the problem) and the parts of the Apple support staff. (They get a paycheck, plus I suspect they may find job satisfaction in surmounting the obstacles of helping persons like me to work through such things…?)

Imagine my delight when I got to do it all over again this morning, on the phone this time, for yet another (related) matter. Happily, when I made an apologetic/appreciative jokey remark to my helper, she smilingly replied, “It’s ok. You see, I’m really patient, so it doesn’t bother me at all.” Thank you Kimberley, in San Jose. I smile now with gratitude when I think of you while I look out the window at the snow that’s been falling all day.

This profound comment, delivered in a sociable and off-hand manner, has stuck in my brain since that very long conversation. Eventually, of course, the matter was resolved. But I’m struck by her wisdom. If I can develop greater patience, I can carry on -cheerfully- even when time is passing at a painfully slow rate.  Watch this space; hopefully one day, I will be able to cheerfully reassure someone that I, too, am really patient.



I’d like to know if anyone has a clever trick for remembering all their passwords…?

I haven’t been feeling great this week; between insomnia, a cold virus, and waking daily with oncoming migraine , I have stayed home and spent a lot of time accomplishing little tasks which can be done wrapped in a blanket while sipping herbal tea. I am becoming better acquainted with the computer on the desk here. There is an astonishing amount to study, communicate, keep up with, read, write, research, and accomplish right in this swivelling chair. That’s how I came to decide that I really should know my passwords; a thing (like so many others) easier said than done.

I am not actually going to divulge how long it took me to investigate the mysteries of my own memories and various little notes and websites, but I will say that I feel I deserve a Sherlock Holmes-style deerstalker hat. I finally have them all figured out, and I am intent on devising a brilliant solution for making this whole process a little simpler in future.

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Food as medicine.

Hippocrates was on to something big when he said about 2400 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” I’m sure there are many good reasons why he is called the father of medicine, and this must be one of the best.

I heard this wise quotation so long ago that I don’t remember not being vaguely familiar with it. Thus, my children were lucky enough to occasionally hear it from the lips of their well-meaning but sometimes rather wordy mother. Little did I suspect how they would eventually find it a fitting means of (good-naturedly) mocking me at family meals… About a decade ago, when I was first experiencing some health conditions (such as  glossopharyngeal neuralgia and chronic migraine) I was in the habit of swallowing a great number of pills, several times a day in an effort to keep pain at bay. Sitting down to eat dinner together one day, my astute young son tossed out those often-heard words of  Hippocrates, remarking that he was pretty sure this sage advice wasn’t meant to be taken in the way I was ‘following’ it (referring to the little heap of meds next to my yet empty plate). Thank you, Jack.

This evening I actually felt like I was getting it right. I woke up early this morning with a sore throat, and throughout the day had little appetite, but drank several cups of soothing herbal tea which goes down a treat with some lovely local raw honey. By about 7pm I was hungry for more than a little fresh fruit. So I warmed up some sliced poultry patties I’d prepared the other day from free range organic ground turkey and the same quality of chicken livers. It was actually yummy tonight; sliced and heated up until a little crispy in coconut oil and bone broth powder. I dined on these delectable morsels, with a large bowl of spinach salad dressed in homemade ACV, olive oil, and honey dressing. But the piece de resistance of my simple meal was yet to come; fresh beets, carrots, onion, garlic, and ginger all chopped up and cooked in olive oil and ACV with fresh squeezed lemon juice and sea salt.

I may never be the same.

In the last year I’ve thought and read more about the gut, and gut health, than in all the rest of my life combined. Easily. One clever book which I actually found interesting enough (almost) to call ‘entertaining’ was GUT, written by Giulia Enders. Really, I’d say this is about as fascinating as such a subject can be made to the average person.

Gut book cover

So, after reading much and listening to several podcasts on this easily overlooked subject, I’ve come to understand just a little, why and how food is/ can be/ should be our first and best medicine.  This is clearly not a scientific blog; I’ll just say that the wee bit I’ve gleaned has certainly persuaded me to take this all much more seriously, and literally than I ever thought I would.

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Holding my breath. Up in the air. In limbo. Sometimes, even though I know better, and intend better, I seem to ‘press pause’ in some areas of my life. I carry on in the ways I simply must, but my curiosity and creativity functions go into ‘energy-saving mode’. It’s a shame, really.

In the last month I transitioned out of my dayhome (childcare) work, which had filled most of my days for six years… Suddenly, to-do lists were mushrooming menacingly out of otherwise innocent papers and pens on my neglected desk. I am faced with several time-consuming projects such as sorting and clearing and organizing my home in preparation for our long-anticipated downsizing move, and figuring out how to proceed with my gut-healing protocols. Then there’s the fun one; getting in touch with people I’ve missed while I’ve been so busy.

Well, here I am. Back from my hiatus, and hopefully here to stay!


I do wish I had lovely elegant hands; pretty hands. In real life though, my hands are just functional.

Last week one of my dayhome clients gave me a beautiful, thoughtful thank you gift on her child’s last day in my dayhome…

She’d done some research (talking to my daughter) and even gotten my ring size! She discovered that I’ve wished for a silver spoon ring ever since I first saw one, years ago…

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw this perfectly personal little present!

In writing about this, showing a photo of the ring only makes sense, and it is on my finger, so that means an image of my hand goes in the post as well. I’ve tried to spare you the whole picture, but also- it is what it is. Beautiful hands are, well, beautiful. Smooth skin, balanced shape, nice nails, etc.

My hands aren’t any of the above; still, they are the hands I have. And for me, wearing these little treasures on them reminds me that I am loved, and that what my hands give to and do for my loved ones matters more to them than how attractive my hands are not.

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