~Dad and my sisters and I at Hope’s memorial~

Life can be so hard. Hard to understand, and sometimes just hard to face. One thing I know is this:

I couldn’t do it without my faith.

‘That They may Be One’ by J. Kirk Richards

There are so many ideas and opposing philosophies, so much confusion. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings me peace, which is the one thing I can’t live without. This is where I learn how to feel and recognize His love, to discern truth from error, to find the faith I need to keep my head up and my heart in the game of life, no matter how scary the world gets sometimes.

In the Saviour’s true church, I learn to stand up for innocent, vulnerable people, and to speak up for for goodness and truth and freedom. And I learn the value of doing this in the most peaceful, clear, kind way possible.

I know for sure that every person has infinite, divine worth and potential for eternal joy, because we are all much-loved children of God, our Heavenly Father. I don’t have to wonder, ‘what’s the point of life, anyway?’ I understand, and I trust that the things that hurt now can all be healed; that all suffering can eventually be comforted. And that God wants me to do what I can, here and now, to help; not just look the other way.

I know that relationships matter most, and that honesty and forgiveness are key. That our daily decisions do matter; because when we choose the kind of people we’re becoming, we’re choosing our eternal destiny. And that it’s ok to be human, to make mistakes. When we stumble, Heaven is reaching out to give us a hand up and help us on our way again.

I wish I could share this with everyone, so no one would have to try to handle life’s challenges without the grace that gets me through mine.

So blessed,


we’re all God’s children.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Racism is sickening. It breaks my heart, and it always has. I’m a white woman who’s grown up and lived most of my life in western Canada, and I’ve never experienced it myself. I believe this makes me very accountable to speak up with and for those who live with it every day.

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.”  ~Luke 12:48~ (Bible)

People who are entrusted with upholding peace and justice need to be held accountable for violence and crime as much as anyone else does. This seems so obvious that it feels almost ironic to even have to state it, but clearly, it needs to be said. Loud and clear, by all of us who have a voice. Over and over again, until real, lasting change is seen and felt.

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 6.34.52 PM
‘Children of the World’ by Greg Olsen

I know God our Heavenly Father loves all of His children; all of us. Every race, age, and sex, without regard for wealth or status. We are His children. So He loves us.

“…he inviteth all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white… male and female… and all are alike unto God.” ~2 Nephi 26:33 (Book of Mormon)

And He asks us all to love each other. I’m a mother, so I know that nothing could be more painful than to see my children who may be in a stronger position hurting -or not helping- my children who may be in a weaker position. It literally turns my stomach and breaks my heart. He must feel the same; sickened and saddened.

Just in case there’s anyone out there who’s missed the memo, being a true Christian and being a racist are mutually exclusive.

We are so blessed,


p.s. Here’s a link to an important article:

mamma mia.

Being a good mom is no cake walk. Ask ours.


Here’s my lovely momma getting some kisses from me and one of my three younger sisters, when we were together at the Calgary Temple one day a few years ago. Isn’t she adorable?

She has more energy than most people I know. She works harder than most of us. And she has a great sense of humour. She cooks, gardens, and organizes like a queen. She’s super smart, endlessly generous, and amazingly fun with little children. She’s educated, and smart; and she loves animals.

Her faith has informed and inspired my own, and if that’s all she ever did for me or gave to me, it would be enough.

But that’s not all. She cares so much for me, and for my family. She’s forgiving and nothing can take her down for long. Her life hasn’t been an easy one; I wouldn’t want to trade. But mine has been sweeter and more gentle and beautiful because of her, turning herself inside out time after time after time to create for us something better than what she started with. I feel like I’m standing on the shoulders of giants in my own life, and she’s definitely one of them.

On a walk near her home today…

Do you know how encouraging her example it to me? I believe I can do hard things.

And this is what she tells me:

Loved you yesterday.

Love you still. 

Always have.

Always will.

I believe her.

So blessed,



Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 7.52.33 PM
painting by Simon Dewey

This is how I feel about Jesus Christ. Like he loves me, and I can trust him to always care for me. I’ve felt his love too many times, in too many ways, to ever doubt it. And I love him with all my heart. I feel safe and secure in his amazing love; he knows me better than I know myself, sees all my flaws, and only wants to help me. I am grateful for many blessings, every day, but he is everything to me.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”


Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

I can’t imagine my life without him in it, and thankfully, I’ll never have to experience that. Because no matter what life throws at me, I can always count on Jesus to be with me, as long as I’ll be with him. This changes everything, in the best possible ways.

“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come…. Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”     ~Bible, New Testament, Romans 8:38-39~

The most beautiful thing about all of this is that it’s just as true for everyone else as it is for me. He loves us all with a pure and perfect love. He fills me to overflowing with the feeling of it, and it changes me; I want to share it with everyone I can. I try.

So blessed,


the living Christ.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 7.21.58 PM
‘He Lives’ by Simon Dewey

I love Jesus. I can’t comprehend how his sacrifice can heal and save me, but I know it’s true. I believe it in my mind and heart because of the warm, peaceful feelings that assure me my faith isn’t a fallacy.

On a Sunday afternoon in early February, our adorable 18-year old niece, Hope, was driving to join her family at a birthday dinner for her littlest sister. Due to changing winter road conditions, her truck suddenly crashed with an oncoming semi-truck, instantly ending her sweet life here on earth.

The anguish losing her has brought to our heartbroken family and her many other loved ones is stunning in its intensity. She lived her life as an angel on earth, so we have no doubt that the next place we’ll see her will be in heaven. What comforts my heart in this aching grief is knowing she is ok and loved where she is… and that because Christ rose again after he gave His life for us, we all will, too. That means after this life, I know we’ll all be able to put our arms around Hope and feel her sweet hugs again.

Hope at F.A.C.E.S.

It’s a long wait, but because He lives, Hope isn’t really lost to us. I love her and miss her.

So blessed,