~Dad and my sisters and I at Hope’s memorial~

Life can be so hard. Hard to understand, and sometimes just hard to face. One thing I know is this:

I couldn’t do it without my faith.

‘That They may Be One’ by J. Kirk Richards

There are so many ideas and opposing philosophies, so much confusion. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings me peace, which is the one thing I can’t live without. This is where I learn how to feel and recognize His love, to discern truth from error, to find the faith I need to keep my head up and my heart in the game of life, no matter how scary the world gets sometimes.

In the Saviour’s true church, I learn to stand up for innocent, vulnerable people, and to speak up for for goodness and truth and freedom. And I learn the value of doing this in the most peaceful, clear, kind way possible.

I know for sure that every person has infinite, divine worth and potential for eternal joy, because we are all much-loved children of God, our Heavenly Father. I don’t have to wonder, ‘what’s the point of life, anyway?’ I understand, and I trust that the things that hurt now can all be healed; that all suffering can eventually be comforted. And that God wants me to do what I can, here and now, to help; not just look the other way.

I know that relationships matter most, and that honesty and forgiveness are key. That our daily decisions do matter; because when we choose the kind of people we’re becoming, we’re choosing our eternal destiny. And that it’s ok to be human, to make mistakes. When we stumble, Heaven is reaching out to give us a hand up and help us on our way again.

I wish I could share this with everyone, so no one would have to try to handle life’s challenges without the grace that gets me through mine.

So blessed,


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