the living Christ.

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‘He Lives’ by Simon Dewey

I love Jesus. I can’t comprehend how his sacrifice can heal and save me, but I know it’s true. I believe it in my mind and heart because of the warm, peaceful feelings that assure me my faith isn’t a fallacy.

On a Sunday afternoon in early February, our adorable 18-year old niece, Hope, was driving to join her family at a birthday dinner for her littlest sister. Due to changing winter road conditions, her truck suddenly crashed with an oncoming semi-truck, instantly ending her sweet life here on earth.

The anguish losing her has brought to our heartbroken family and her many other loved ones is stunning in its intensity. She lived her life as an angel on earth, so we have no doubt that the next place we’ll see her will be in heaven. What comforts my heart in this aching grief is knowing she is ok and loved where she is… and that because Christ rose again after he gave His life for us, we all will, too. That means after this life, I know we’ll all be able to put our arms around Hope and feel her sweet hugs again.

Hope at F.A.C.E.S.

It’s a long wait, but because He lives, Hope isn’t really lost to us. I love her and miss her.

So blessed,


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