The Reason for the Season!

I haven’t written in a while, as Christmas is fast approaching and I find knitting and typing to be mutually exclusive activities. But knitting is on hold for now; I have to take a few minutes to share with you this lovely little Christmas moment…

(Zander 😉

The other day I had a little four-year old boy over for a gingerbread house/ babysitting date. We were reading some Christmas story books, and came upon one about the actual true story of the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem.

(holding ‘Baby Jesus’)

My little friend said he had that very book at his house, so we don’t need to read it here at Leah’s. Ok. He was very carefully holding the Baby Jesus doll we always used for our Nativity plays while I had my dayhome. It was clear to me that he has had some practise with his own baby brother, which is so sweet to see.

(his actual baby brother 😉

He started talking to me about Jesus, asking me the most poignant of questions;

“Does Jesus make you good?”

My heart leapt at the sweetness and honesty of this little child’s words…

Naturally, I answered him. Yes! He sure does. Jesus is why and how I am as good as I can be. He seemed satisfied with my response, as if it was simply a confirmation of what he already believes.

It hasn’t left me; and I hope it never will. I am so grateful for Christmas when we celebrate the coming of our Saviour and Redeemer! By His grace, I am as good as I am today… and I know that by His grace, I can grow a little more like Him every day. I love Him with all my heart, and I’m grateful for the sweet little boy who posed such a soul-searching question to me.

Merry Christmas!

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