Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

First of all, I must give credit to the creator of this great recipe. (see above 😉

And now, let me tell you that these are easily the very best cinnamon rolls we have ever tasted.

When I started to prepare the dough for these yummy treats, I hadn’t really read the recipe through. I assumed it would only call for natural/wild yeast (a.k.a. sourdough starter). Alas, no. It requires a combination.

So I had to tuck the dough away in the fridge overnight until I got to the grocery store to buy some yeast. I used to buy large packages of it at Costco, and always have plenty on hand. But once I started making sourdough bread with my own starter, I got rid of it as I never seemed to use it anymore. Lesson learned! Keep some on hand.

The next day I added the yeast to the dough. It was not an easy process; I definitely recommend following the order of operations as written. However, I got it in there with a bit of water, and left it to rise. After kneading it down and leaving it another night in the fridge, I rolled out the soft and sticky dough, spread it with filling, and sliced it into a couple dozen rolls.

I like the idea of baking them in glass pie dishes; much prettier than an oblong pan. I let them rise again for a while before finally popping them into the oven for a surprisingly quick bake.

Et voila!

In short, we will never use any other recipe for cinnamon rolls. These ones win, hands down.

My husband even suggested using this dough recipe for the orange rolls we always have for Christmas Day breakfast. My mouth waters at the thought…

#cinnamonrolls #sourdough #delicious #keepyeast

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