Two words; game changer.

I have to be honest; when it comes to working up enthusiasm for making food- for myself- nah. I have become more aware of this flaw and I’ve also been forced to make some inroads here while trying out somewhat extreme measures with healing diets for some gut health issues.

I have always enjoyed making food for other people. That’s easy. But when my own options for what to put in my mouth were severely restricted, I had to drum up some energy to make food especially for me. Bone broth and liver and enormous quantities of nice wholesome veggies are more nutritious than I had previously suspected. I prepared and cooked and ate them. But when I started making little gelatine gummies, I started to feel like I was enjoying treats again!

Here are links to recipes I’ve made:

(I even added some coconut milk the second time I prepared these ones, and I like how they turned out. 😉

All I have left to say is that I wish I were having more success with uploading images this evening… Sadly, even if I had photographed mine, they wouldn’t be much to look at; I just poured mine into a small rectangular glass dish (very lightly rubbed with coconut oil) and then cut them into bite-sized squares once they set. Maybe eventually I’ll order some of those pretty molds from Amazon. (In the meantime, they taste just as good 😉

I hope you get to try some delicious, nutritious, and fun gelatine gummies, and enjoy them as much as I have!

#gelatine #guthealing #gummies #treats #recipes #funfood

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