Destination Unknown.


Have you ever read a book that should be terrifying, but generally isn’t, because of the author’s treatment of the subject?

This Cold-War mystery novel was published in 1954, and does not feature either Hercule Poirot or Miss Jane Marple, so it’s a little different than most of the Agatha Christie novels I’ve read. Instead, we encounter first a very serious secret service/security agent, Mr. Jessop. Then, in grave distress (which initially belies her resilient spirit), Hilary Craven. Her personality adds some welcome highlights to an otherwise disturbingly plotted narrative.

I really appreciate the funny little twist that happens fairly early on; when Jessop and Hilary first meet in Casablanca. Things are almost never as bad as they seem, and even when they are as bad as they seem, they won’t always be that way. Somehow, sometime; definitely worth holding on.

Reading this story made me want to travel to ancient faraway places, in a touring group, with a safe and professional guide, and in the protective company of my husband.

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