The False Prince

My 12-year old niece, Hayley loves to read as much as her Aunty Leah does… This fall, she put her head together with another aunt, and came up with a bright idea; a family book club.

We are a family of bibliophiles, and while we dont live near to each other, we have the lovely convenience of iphones! With the latest update, group FaceTiming became an available option.

The first book chosen was Jennifer A. Nielsen’s The False Prince. It’s considered juvenile fantasy, and the first in the Ascendance Trilogy. It happens in a make-believe kingdom, in a time of horses and wagons and swords and castles, but doesn’t involve any actual magic or invented species, such as elves or fairies.

Kirby and I had started listening to it as an audiobook during a road trip last month. Then, hooked on the story, I requested a copy from the library. There are several in the system, so it didn’t take long for one to arrive here in town for me. And then it didn’t take long to devour it!

One night I took it to bed to ‘read myself to sleep’ (my standard operating procedure). Let me just say that it didn’t have a soporific affect on me. At all. At about 1am I got up and swallowed a lavender capsule, to no avail. At about 3:45 I finished reading the last page. Wide awake.

What I liked most about the story was the unexpected plot twist near the end. It made me think about who we are, who we seem to be, and who we can become. And why we create chaos around those three points in our lives.

#bookworms #bookclub #family #reading

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