Pincher Creek. (just found this draft from summer)

I am currently (very punny 😉 in the creek. Sitting on a rock, midstream, dipping my toes in the barely cool water as it flows all around me. It’s so sunny and hot that the gentle breeze is barely enough to refresh me; hence the toe-dipping. I removed my feet for the first time, rather hurriedly, when some passing minnow decided to nibble my toes. It was a tad bit startling, but otherwise I am soaking in the peace of this beautiful day in this beautiful place.

Strolling leisurely down here this afternoon, I kept inhaling the hot summer grass and wildflower smells… I’m so blessed to live here. It’s a little like living in the country again; the way I can just meander out the door and down the hill and within a few minutes be here in this wild and wonderful spot.

When the time comes to move to Calgary, I know I’ll be going to lots of good things. Life is seasonal like this, isn’t it? But I can’t help feeling how desperately I will miss it here….

#wponthego #seasons #summerSunday #smalltown #goodlife

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