Walking on sunshine.

Katrina and the Waves were onto something back in 1983 with their catchy track that still puts me in a cheerier mood within a few seconds. I’ve been keeping pretty close to hearth and home this week after my little snow hiking escapade on Friday and its less than lovely consequences. Feeling lots better yesterday, I ventured forth in the afternoon for a stroll to the library to collect a delightful new Alexander McCall Smith book.

And I’ll be honest; it was the sunshine that made the walk irresistible.

When I got down to Main Street, I crossed the road right away to be on the north side where the late afternoon sun was shining. Doing this brought to my mind another, older song… “On The Sunny Side Of The Street”. Why is it that sunshine feels so good, and has such amazing power over my moods?

I know, there’s good science behind it. I have a prescription light for keeping cheerful through long dark winter months. Last winter I had it on my little table by the bed, so I could roll over in the mornings and read scriptures by that brilliant glow. I don’t recall specifically noticing if it added a sense of ‘happy’ to my winter days, but it sure woke me up in a hurry.

Still, I prefer the real thing. In a pinch, it’s good to have the option of basking in artificial light; it’s better than nothing. But it’s a bit like the elliptical trainer; good for those days when the wind and the ice make it highly inadvisable to attempt outdoor exercise, but not really comparable to the benefits of a good walk in nature.

#sunshine #nature #soul #happiness #outdoors #exercise #brightlight #goodmood

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