Truth and light.

I am blessed to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Twice a year (the first weekends of April and October) we get to watch and listen to General Conference; prophets and apostles and women leaders teach us and all the world- whoever wants to tune in- a little more about our Saviour Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel.

This is one of those weekends! Some of our children are down there in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they are attending Conference live. That’s a wonderful experience every time. The joyful, exciting, peaceful energy on and around Temple Square is like nothing else.

I, on the other hand, am tuning in on the Internet here at home. Yesterday afternoon I unwisely ventured out to the mountains for a gorgeous hike in the snow with my husband. It was nice to be feeling a bit better after several days of ‘under the weather’ conditions in the locality of my body. Well, it’s a good thing I enjoyed those hours of fresh mountain air, because I am now paying a price for my little expedition. The cold symptoms are back, with a vengeance.

Happily, I haven’t had to miss these inspiring church meetings (as I would normally have been kept home by this illness) because it’s Conference Weekend. 🙂 I’ve spent hours today basking in pure truth and glorious light. And I’m looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!

I’m grateful for Thanksgiving, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is my favourite blessing; because it’s pure joy. Also because it helps me further appreciate the value of every other good thing in my life.

#truth #light #peace #joy #love #God #JesusChrist #gospel #thankful #thanksgiving #grateful #blessed

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