I’d like to know if anyone has a clever trick for remembering all their passwords…?

I haven’t been feeling great this week; between insomnia, a cold virus, and waking daily with oncoming migraine , I have stayed home and spent a lot of time accomplishing little tasks which can be done wrapped in a blanket while sipping herbal tea. I am becoming better acquainted with the computer on the desk here. There is an astonishing amount to study, communicate, keep up with, read, write, research, and accomplish right in this swivelling chair. That’s how I came to decide that I really should know my passwords; a thing (like so many others) easier said than done.

I am not actually going to divulge how long it took me to investigate the mysteries of my own memories and various little notes and websites, but I will say that I feel I deserve a Sherlock Holmes-style deerstalker hat. I finally have them all figured out, and I am intent on devising a brilliant solution for making this whole process a little simpler in future.

#opentosuggestions #passwords #clevertricks

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