Lights out!

Yesterday I hit a big bump in my new and -until then- exciting path of reintroducing foods. In the words of William Shakespeare, “Ah, me.”

By this afternoon I had dissolved into a puddle of frustrated tears; thankfully my sweet sister was ready to listen and offer support. Also thankfully, my sweet husband was here to comfort me with hugs and a cup of rooibos.

A few minutes ago I was downstairs enjoying a British gardening show on Netflix with Kirby, when all the power in town suddenly cut out completely! Naturally, Kirby has gone out to investigate with a flashlight. Me, I am taking it as a perfect opportunity for a candlelit bath.

Perhaps I should take a similar view of my stumbling block with the gut-healing diets; see it as a stepping stone to pause and slow down the way I’m approaching it all. I’ve nearly driven myself mad trying to take on too much all at once.

Odd, how such apparently unrelated incidents suddenly clicked together in my mind just now.

#blessed #serendipity #liveandlearn

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