Worth it.

I’ve been trying for the past year to heal some gut health issues which surfaced with the results of  several lab tests beginning last September. I’d always been a staunch supporter of the simple dietary maxim, ‘all good things in moderation’… More or less. Generally ‘more’ with mouthwatering things like chocolate, and ‘less’ with gut-nourishing things like liver. But I was fairly set against whitewashing out whole food groups.

Alas, my test results were to knock my simple rules down flat.

It turned out I had fairly advanced adrenal fatigue (which causes plenty of hormonal imbalances) several food allergies (not life-threatening; the kind which causes inflammation) and intestinal permeability (more commonly known by its graphically descriptive nickname, leaky gut)… and a pretty un-pretty case of methane SIBO. Ew.

When I closed my dayhome at the end of the summer (which seems long ago and far away thanks to our wintry September weather) I threw myself, much more fully than had yet been feasible for me while so busy, into my gut healing project. I’d like to say I’ve done so with gusto, but in truth, it’s almost making me lose the will to live. Not actually, but it is literally making me lose the will to eat. Combining the Autoimmune Protocol (for leaky gut) and the SIBO diets leave me with a small and rather unsightly list of allowable foods.

Happily, it does work. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Also happily, it isn’t forever. Now that I’m seeing good results it’s time to start the best part of all- food reintroductions! Hopefully by Christmas eating will be less of a chore done when hunger drives me miserably to the kitchen, and a little more of the pleasure it has always been up until this low-grade health crisis.

#gut-healing #SIBO #AIP #food #health #un-cheerful #honest

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