Holding my breath. Up in the air. In limbo. Sometimes, even though I know better, and intend better, I seem to ‘press pause’ in some areas of my life. I carry on in the ways I simply must, but my curiosity and creativity functions go into ‘energy-saving mode’. It’s a shame, really.

In the last month I transitioned out of my dayhome (childcare) work, which had filled most of my days for six years… Suddenly, to-do lists were mushrooming menacingly out of otherwise innocent papers and pens on my neglected desk. I am faced with several time-consuming projects such as sorting and clearing and organizing my home in preparation for our long-anticipated downsizing move, and figuring out how to proceed with my gut-healing protocols. Then there’s the fun one; getting in touch with people I’ve missed while I’ve been so busy.

Well, here I am. Back from my hiatus, and hopefully here to stay!

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