Family tree!

I remember clearly about 20 years ago, hearing two more mature women cheerfully chat with each other about having “caught the bug” (a.k.a. become somewhat addicted)… Oddly, they were referring to doing genealogical research.

While family history is a worthwhile endeavour, and one encouraged in our religion, (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints/ ‘Mormon’ church) I have to be honest… I privately thought these ladies needed to get out more.

It just didn’t sound like anything I would consider ‘fun’. Certainly not compelling. So I naively thought. I was young and inexperienced.

Happily, I have continued to go to church, and thereby continued to be exposed to encouragement to engage in the daunting process of searching out as many of my ancestors as I can find. Also happily, my clever and computer-savvy husband joins me, exponentially increasing the success of my enthusiastic efforts.

As with cultivating a starter and learning to make good sourdough bread, my family all likely wished I would just do them a favour and give it up already; nevertheless, I persisted. And now I, too, have “caught the bug”! It’s becoming increasingly hard to tear myself away from this fascinatingly relevant research.

I could laugh and say it’s just middle age catching up to me, but I know the truth: learning about and connecting families is part of the work of God! It’s His Holy Spirit that moves me (and millions of other people; this is a fast-growing hobby) to fill in my family tree.

These people are literally what I’m made of, and when my life on earth is over, I look forward to seeing them and embracing them as part of my eternal family in Heaven.

#Christian #lds #familyhistory #familytree #familysearch #familiesareforever #love

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