(brilliant photo credit: JoLynn Farrer- check out the ray of light shining down on the happy couple!)

Seeing our son and his lovely bride so in love and happy together on their wedding day made me about as happy as I can remember feeling! Honestly, it was so beautiful that I couldn’t stop smiling. When the photographer commented on that, all I could do was agree emphatically that, yes- Mom sure WAS happy!

How could I not be? All his life I have hoped to see him marry someone wonderful forever- in the temple! It’s so sweet to my heart, knowing they can actually be together for all eternity.

(Also, maybe some little corner of my smile that day was because my tall daughters wore flats with their bridesmaids’ dresses and I wore high heels; it’s not often that I am the same height as my girls 😉

(this picture was taken when we first arrived at the temple, while we were waiting outside in the brilliant sunshine for the beautiful bride to arrive… I love how happy and excited Jack is. And I so love Bethany for bringing such joy to him.)

#DietzeLoveStory #Jack&Bethany #templemarriage #lds #eternalmarriage #happy #joy #family #foreverlove

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