Learning patience the hard way;

And… our house is still on the market.

Who knew how many (delightfully British) shows are available on Netflix about selling homes?!? Fun, educational, entertaining, inspirational… (I have painted most of the furniture we still have- the pieces w plan to take with us when we downsize- dreamy white!)

Last week I prayed, what else should I do? (It’s summer now and we always hoped and planned to move by the end of summer.) The answer to my prayer was a clear thought that surprised me when it lit up my mind; “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Oh, right. That. Yes, of course.

The Psalmist was on to something a few thousand years ago when those words were first penned! Now it’s time for me to also get on to the same vibe.

I am a firm believer in acting on faith. Stepping into the darkness in the hope of seeing enough light to guide my next step. Somehow that part comes easier to me than this part. The part where I have done all I can and must wait until the time is right; not just for me, but for whoever else is involved.

Patient. Ah, this is my kind of pep talk.

I love God. I trust Him. I know He, and only He perfectly understands, perfectly cares, and has the perfect divine power to work it all out. I guess I just need to let go of the (illusory) idea of me controlling the outcome and timing.

#carryingon #Histiming #perfecttiming #trustGod #faith #letgo #patience #liveandlearn #hope

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