I do wish I had lovely elegant hands; pretty hands. In real life though, my hands are just functional.

Last week one of my dayhome clients gave me a beautiful, thoughtful thank you gift on her child’s last day in my dayhome…

She’d done some research (talking to my daughter) and even gotten my ring size! She discovered that I’ve wished for a silver spoon ring ever since I first saw one, years ago…

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw this perfectly personal little present!

In writing about this, showing a photo of the ring only makes sense, and it is on my finger, so that means an image of my hand goes in the post as well. I’ve tried to spare you the whole picture, but also- it is what it is. Beautiful hands are, well, beautiful. Smooth skin, balanced shape, nice nails, etc.

My hands aren’t any of the above; still, they are the hands I have. And for me, wearing these little treasures on them reminds me that I am loved, and that what my hands give to and do for my loved ones matters more to them than how attractive my hands are not.

#thankyou #gift #silverspoonring #hands

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