Learning patience the hard way;

And… our house is still on the market.

Who knew how many (delightfully British) shows are available on Netflix about selling homes?!? Fun, educational, entertaining, inspirational… (I have painted most of the furniture we still have- the pieces w plan to take with us when we downsize- dreamy white!)

Last week I prayed, what else should I do? (It’s summer now and we always hoped and planned to move by the end of summer.) The answer to my prayer was a clear thought that surprised me when it lit up my mind; “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Oh, right. That. Yes, of course.

The Psalmist was on to something a few thousand years ago when those words were first penned! Now it’s time for me to also get on to the same vibe.

I am a firm believer in acting on faith. Stepping into the darkness in the hope of seeing enough light to guide my next step. Somehow that part comes easier to me than this part. The part where I have done all I can and must wait until the time is right; not just for me, but for whoever else is involved.

Patient. Ah, this is my kind of pep talk.

I love God. I trust Him. I know He, and only He perfectly understands, perfectly cares, and has the perfect divine power to work it all out. I guess I just need to let go of the (illusory) idea of me controlling the outcome and timing.

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One morning about 22 years ago I woke up and just knew, “I am somebody’s mother.” As it turned out, I did have a bouncing baby boy about 9 months later; and my life has never been the same. He’s brought so much joy; pride and joy to me, and he keeps doing just that every day that goes by.

I have always admired his intelligence, determination, inborn work ethic, and great sense of humour and fun. He’s generous, faithful, and totally loyal where he loves. And he loves with all his heart.

I’m grateful Mary and Emma have had him for their older brother growing up. And I am grateful to see him so very happy with Bethany, his lovely bride-to-be.

Love you my good son. 🌞

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I do wish I had lovely elegant hands; pretty hands. In real life though, my hands are just functional.

Last week one of my dayhome clients gave me a beautiful, thoughtful thank you gift on her child’s last day in my dayhome…

She’d done some research (talking to my daughter) and even gotten my ring size! She discovered that I’ve wished for a silver spoon ring ever since I first saw one, years ago…

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw this perfectly personal little present!

In writing about this, showing a photo of the ring only makes sense, and it is on my finger, so that means an image of my hand goes in the post as well. I’ve tried to spare you the whole picture, but also- it is what it is. Beautiful hands are, well, beautiful. Smooth skin, balanced shape, nice nails, etc.

My hands aren’t any of the above; still, they are the hands I have. And for me, wearing these little treasures on them reminds me that I am loved, and that what my hands give to and do for my loved ones matters more to them than how attractive my hands are not.

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Oh Canada.

It’s been cool and windy today, and the evening weather was livened up a bit with some clouds and rain into the bargain. Tomorrow we’ll be hiking in the mountains with our daughter who lives there now for her summer job. Cool rainy weather is in the forecast again. This is our Canada Day weather this year… not exactly the hot (or at least warm) sunshine we could hope for, but we have other reasons (besides our lovely climate) for celebrating…

(I added this picture of us at the beginning of our Monday hike with Emma.)

(This was us an hour or so later, soaking wet!)

…Here are a few of my personal favourites:

Canadians are (by and large) nice people. It’s true. After I had lived for about a year and a half in England, I almost teared up (in the airport and at the bank etc) over the genuine friendliness of strangers when I returned to my home and native land!

Our country is beautiful. And we try to keep it that way. While we don’t enjoy tons of balmy weather (or the enlarged population that would likely bring), Canada does have plenty of beautiful places for those of us who brave the climate to bask in… or bundle up in, if you’re me.

Canadians are richly blessed with many essential freedoms, universal health care, opportunities for education and work, and a national identity we can be proud of. When people in England asked me which part of the States I was from (based upon my North American ‘accent’) I was so happy to reply that I am from that really big one up on top.

Thank Heaven for Canada.

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