I once heard the phrase, “Charity covers a multitude of sins.” I (mis)understood it to mean that if we had charity (love) we could get away with all kinds of shenanigans.

Thankfully, time is a wise teacher…

Once in a while I meet someone whose behaviour to me seems cool or unfriendly, for reasons known only to themselves. (Or at least I hope these reasons aren’t known to everyone but me.) (*gossip: unhelpful*)

While I may feel I am being as nice as I am to anyone else, this unsettling and sadly mystifying conduct on the part of (said acquaintance) can continue for any amount of time. Sometimes it stings more than other times. I guess it depends.

Anyway, human nature (or at least my nature) being what it is, I tend to wonder what I have done; how I have turned this less-than-warm individual off of me. This kind of reflection and even introspection sometimes leads me to greater self-awareness and personal growth attempts.

Often though, experience has taught me that the way we interact with people has much more to do with us than it has to do with them! Once an old friend became distant (emotionally; we already lived far apart) and I felt hurt. Then one day I received a card in the mail and realized she had been going through an overwhelmingly miserable experience and everything became clear. I’m happy to say we soon after revived our good friendship.

With any given individual, who knows what pain or struggle s/he is facing? Certainly I don’t. While I, myself, tend to be an open book, many people are more private. I don’t know what is going on below the surface, and I don’t need to know…

This is where charity comes in and covers (with a cloak of gracious kindness) a multitude of (other people’s) (perceived) sins.

#Christian #lds #Mormon #grace #charity #perfectlove #liveandlearn #GoldenRule #grateful

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