Then again…

I have been stuck with a migraine in bed wearing an eye mask over one and a half eyes for 2 days now. Not a good time. Pretty miserable, if I’m honest.

Then again, if I’m honest about the whole story, I am so very blessed, even in this…

First of all, while I suffer with chronic migraine, I do not have a terminal, or even a constant illness. My heart goes out to those who do.

Secondly, when I am sick I can take time off the work I so love to do. I am self-employed, work in my home, and have wonderful client families who are caring, understanding, and supportive- even though my days in bed mean they have to scramble for childcare. Blessed!

Thirdly, when a migraine strikes I am usually able to knock it out right away with medicine. Pharmaceutical drugs; the cost of which is mostly covered by my husband’s employment benefits. This means that most of the time, I do not have to take my head to bed for days on end.

Then there is the beautiful fact that while I lie here in pain, I am safe and secure in a comfortable bed, in a peaceful home, with open windows that let in fresh air beside me.

There is food in the house, the utility bills will still be paid, my job will still be there, and mercifully, my own children were all at least preschool age before I started having migraines. They, and my husband have always been able to take care of each other when I am out of commission.

Most sweet of all to me is that angels (the mortal kind 😉 come to visit me, bringing me ice packs, medicine and food- and stay to chat a while, sometimes leaving me with a kiss on my aching head. (Which, by the way, actually does receive pain for a moment and does make even me, 41-year-old woman feel better.)

(One other thing I look forward to getting back to ASAP!)

#migraine #sickdays #blessed #grateful


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