I just finished a 7-day social media fast. I did add some posts myself during that time, just a few here and there. But I didn’t go through my feed on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for a week.

Normally, I look through those accounts during ‘quiet time’ in the afternoons while the littlest children in my dayhome are asleep and the others snuggle in with me for some childrens’ Netflix together on the family room couches.

Of course I love the children, and I love the cuddles, but I cannot bear most of the programs we play. Some shows are better than others. For instance I enjoy Peppa Pig, and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. The first time through.

It’s a little surprising to me that I didn’t miss my social media accounts at all. I read, or sometimes snoozed under my heap of cuddly little friends. Speaking of which, it is also surprising to me how coherently I can respond to their commentary on their show with my eyes closed.

Anyway, today I scrolled through interesting images and ideas with less than my usual interest level. It was fluff. Mildly engaging from time to time, but not important. Good to know.


(image courtesy of Pinterest 😉

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