Perfect timing.

I’d feel a little more clever if I could refer to this lovely flower by its name, but I’m not sure. Possibly an iris? Either way, it just unfurled its glorious petals this week and brought me some gentle joy in the process.

The process. It wasn’t the first bloom to excite me with the promise of spring actually arriving; and it’s ahead of the peonies and lilacs and day lilies in my garden. Naturally, it doesn’t matter at all.

Similarly, our house has been on the market for months now and here we are. Other properties have sold quickly, and doubtless there will be some which take longer to sell than this one. And that’s ok. Thank Heaven we aren’t actually in a hurry. If I don’t start my college program in September, I may begin in January. I can start taking university courses any time…

One thing is for sure: I won’t be bored. There is always ever so much for me to do…

And when the time is just right, someone will come along and buy this lovely home where we’ve been so happy raising our children. Maybe they will raise theirs here.

In the meantime, I’m happy to practise this-

(p.s. Also in the meantime, I’m grateful for every day I get to enjoy the lovely new flooring and painting etc we’ve been busy doing for the next owners 😉

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