There, lying momentarily upon my ‘knobbly knees’ is a clever and interesting little book which I enjoyed dipping into during intervals of happy quiet play this morning in the backyard.

Based on the pronunciation guide provided for the title, which is the Danish word for happiness, I think maybe our English word ‘lucky’ may have come from the same linguistic roots. However, happiness is a result of so much more than luck.

Yes, lots of the factors which affect our potential level of happiness seem to fall from the sky on some people and not others. But I am convinced that personal happiness is an inside job.

For instance, the sun was shining in a pretty blue sky, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed the benefits of this stroke of ‘luck’ if I hadn’t taken the wee ones out to play in the backyard.

Conversely, I do have rather knobby knees; but because I generally overlook this somewhat unfortunate fact, I get to feel the sun on my legs, and the cool flow of the water as I wade in the creek with my little friends on many golden afternoons.

… and so, upon mature consideration, I am inclined to agree with the above statement. 😉

#lykke #happy #choice

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