Sunset in rain.

Emma (our almost-18-year-old daughter) loves watching sunsets. She has for years; she often goes up a nearby hill either on her own or with a friend, and takes photos of these beautiful moments of heavenly art in the western sky. It’s a hobby of hers.

This evening she invited her parents to go with her. Of course, we accepted with alacrity. We are blessed to live in the southwest corner of a small town in the southwest corner of Alberta. It’s not a long drive into the country to her favourite sunset-watching spot. The fields are rich green at this time of year. Everything outside is beautifully alive.

As soon as we parked the truck, great fat raindrops began splatting on the windshield. It was like a little gift. The rain only lasted a few minutes, but it was enough. We turned off the engine and opened the windows; breathing in the sweet fresh smell of the countryside. The birds and frogs were very vocal, and then the mosquitoes showed up.

We didn’t stay out there for long, not more than a few minutes. But it was enough. The sunset was a vague idea; but it was enough to bring us there together for the smells and sights and sounds we enjoyed. This lovely evening won’t happen again, but it was enough.

#contentment #sunset #rain #birdsong #family #time #country #blessed

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