This is exactly what I was trying to say in my first blog post! It so perfectly sums up my own feelings on the benefits of writing, that I must include it here. A successful professional writer naturally knew how to put it succinctly in a way I can appreciate and aspire to.

So far, my little blog is just this; I am writing simply to write a little. Ideally every day, but clearly not every day in real life. I’ll get there!

Here is a precious one by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. If anyone knew this, she did!

I have experienced writing as a therapeutic tool that helps me develop mindfulness. I live a better life and am a more aware and intentional person when I write my life as I go from day to day. I just am.

Thank you for reading my writing. I love to share a few of my thoughts with you; someone!

May the fourth be with you.

When Kirby and I were married on 4 May 1996, I’d never seen a Star Wars movie.

Anyway, we came to Waterton for our honeymoon. There was a lot of snow here, so we had to ditch our hopes of some early spring hiking. Since then, I’ve come to appreciate how almost-expected that should have been. I remain an idealistic optimist, just a slightly wiser one these days.

We have been back here for many anniversaries since then. As Jack was born 11 months after our wedding, he came with us on our next trip down, as bouncing baby boy.

We used to love going back to the Kilmorey Lodge, and eating at the incomparable Lamp Post Dining Room there, before it burned down several years ago.

One year, just nestling into our cozy little room there, we looked out the window and saw a flock/herd of bighorn mountain sheep meandering down the road outside! There must have been dozens of them; I’ve never seen so many all together like that before or since.

Early this evening, we paused before a pre-dinner walk to the waterfall, to capture this moment with our old friends…

There they were, grazing outside of our church building, just by Vimy’s restaurant… waiting to (sheepishly) wish us a happy anniversary.

I love this man of mine. And we did get to enjoy a sunny stroll in shirtsleeves this time, so maybe optimism is sometimes the wisest course to take!

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Wind blown.

I went out walking in the hills with my husband a couple evenings ago. It was the first time this spring that we’ve tried that path. It’s been a little snowy, then muddy, and windy up there!

Along the way, we passed this tree:

Bear in mind that this was on a non-windy evening! This is a classic illustration of how life’s circumstances shape us, but can’t stop us from growing.

I’d like to think I might be a bit like this tree. Hopefully no amount of adversity will change the direction I reach. I always want to face heavenward, even if the pressure life puts on me at times alters the shape of me!

Also, I wonder if there is a word for this kind of thing. Something Robert MacFarlane might mention in his nature vocabulary book, The Lost Words…?

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