This afternoon my husband and I drove down to Waterton, where our youngest daughter is working during this long weekend, and will be for the summer before she starts University this fall. It was lovely to see her and bask in the sweetness of her sunshiny affection. I remember when she was born; her sweet spirit immediately filled the room with that warm bright love. It overwhelmed me then, and sometimes it still does now.

On our way home later in the evening, I almost teared up with bittersweet emotion as we came closer to town, then up the familiar road that leads into our quiet little neighbourhood. It’s so beautiful here. We hand-picked this place to raise our family, and have them the very best life we could. We have so many happy memories here.

Now they’re all grown up and we’re preparing for the next chapter of our own life as a couple of empty nesters! That’s exciting, but mothering my three precious children is and has been the happiest, most cherished experience I’ve ever had.

Sadly, I was too busy experiencing the emotions of these moments to pause for photo-opps. Maybe you can relate, or imagine. (Failing that, you could just take my word for it 😉

#memories #home #family #children #growingup #beautiful #happy #sad

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