My mom is a hero to me in so many ways…

Last night I was watching Call The Midwife on Netflix and I heard this quotation:

“A mother is a mother still,

The holiest thing alive.”

(Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

I love looking at my baby photos; it was easy to see at a glance that I had a good mother because I was fat and happy. (Pleasingly plump; as is healthy for infants.) She made sure of that. She read to me, cared for me, played with me, cared for me, taught me, and cared for me some more.

My mom was exceptionally good at taking care of her children. She was seriously devoted to our healthy development. She grew large vegetable gardens, preserved vast quantities of fruit and vegetables, constantly baked us homemade bread, made sure we took our vitamins and flossed our teeth and practised the piano, did our best in school, and love each other.

I always felt my parents were happy with me and proud of me. I was supported, encouraged, and grew up believing I should and could meet their high expectations. That made me stretch and grow.

I still love talking to my mom because of her great sense of humour! She makes me laugh, and what’s better than sharing an irrepressible giggle with one’s own mom?

My mother’s beautiful faith has blessed me all my life. Her example of devotion to God amazes and inspires me. She’s a good person, a compassionate Christian, and I like knowing I’m in her prayers. They’re powerful.



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