Sourdough game strong.

I took this loaf out of the fridge (where it had been happily fermenting since yesterday afternoon) this morning after breakfast to bake for my little dayhomers’ lunch… I like the 24-hour cycle of preparing the dough one morning and baking it the next. There’s a nice gentle rhythm to it.

I was pleased with the shape and overall appearance of this particular boule. I know, looks aren’t everything. But in all honesty, they are for me when it comes to my sourdough bread these days. I can look at it, but I can’t eat it!

All I can say about that is that I dearly hope it doesn’t last. When I can, I will try to reintroduce it; I understand plenty of sourdough bread bakers out there became such out of a need for bread they can digest. Evidently the natural yeast and fermentation process pre-digests the gluten, making it that much simple for a tender gut to handle.

Fingers crossed!!

#sourdough #homemade #bread #wish #maybesomeday #guthealth #allergies #food #gluten #fermentedfood #wholesome #simple #suresmellsgood

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