Getting my hopes up.

I think I’ve probably always been this way. I live in hope. I’m an eternal optimist. Idealism sounds like a way better idea to me most times than realism. Saying that, I am an adult, so I do try to incorporate some of that practical necessity into my psyche as well. Occasionally.

I am under no illusions about one thing though; I realize that among middle-aged people I am likely in the minority.

That’s ok with me. To each her own. Or his own, if one is a him.

I have often compared ‘getting my hopes up’ to taking a ride in a hot air balloon. (This is a dream of mine.) Of course at the end of the ride, one must come back down to earth. But the view from way up in the sky, the glorious thrill of the ride in the blue heavens- this will make it worth the descent back to earth.

At least, I hope it would!

#highhopes #faith #miracles #blessings #liveinwonder #believe #optimism #happiness

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