Wind blown.

I went out walking in the hills with my husband a couple evenings ago. It was the first time this spring that we’ve tried that path. It’s been a little snowy, then muddy, and windy up there!

Along the way, we passed this tree:

Bear in mind that this was on a non-windy evening! This is a classic illustration of how life’s circumstances shape us, but can’t stop us from growing.

I’d like to think I might be a bit like this tree. Hopefully no amount of adversity will change the direction I reach. I always want to face heavenward, even if the pressure life puts on me at times alters the shape of me!

Also, I wonder if there is a word for this kind of thing. Something Robert MacFarlane might mention in his nature vocabulary book, The Lost Words…?

#wind #weather #trees #life #sunshine #heaven #strong

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