Rite of passage.

On the weekend we celebrated our youngest child’s high school graduation! We’re happy and grateful for the educational opportunities she has been blessed with, and for her wisdom in using them to her best ability and advantage.

I am especially proud of her for earning the English award, as well as the Mathew Halton writing award for her graduation class. She’s a blogger and is headed for a Communications degree in Professional Writing. Words are a way of speaking my language, and I’m inspired by her example of hard work and determination in pursuance of her goals.

It was especially wonderful to feel the support of family and friends on this special occasion. This is a blessing that adds value and makes memories brighter every single time.

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This afternoon my husband and I drove down to Waterton, where our youngest daughter is working during this long weekend, and will be for the summer before she starts University this fall. It was lovely to see her and bask in the sweetness of her sunshiny affection. I remember when she was born; her sweet spirit immediately filled the room with that warm bright love. It overwhelmed me then, and sometimes it still does now.

On our way home later in the evening, I almost teared up with bittersweet emotion as we came closer to town, then up the familiar road that leads into our quiet little neighbourhood. It’s so beautiful here. We hand-picked this place to raise our family, and have them the very best life we could. We have so many happy memories here.

Now they’re all grown up and we’re preparing for the next chapter of our own life as a couple of empty nesters! That’s exciting, but mothering my three precious children is and has been the happiest, most cherished experience I’ve ever had.

Sadly, I was too busy experiencing the emotions of these moments to pause for photo-opps. Maybe you can relate, or imagine. (Failing that, you could just take my word for it 😉

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Like the sun.

My general mood is definitely affected by the sunshine- or lack thereof- as the seasons come and go.

These bleeding hearts by the sandbox in the backyard come back year after year (as good perennials should 😉 and they remind me of Jesus Christ. His heart is filled with such great love for us that He bled from every pore as He suffered for our pain and sin and sorrows in the Garden of Gethsemane.

To borrow one of the most beautiful ideas I’ve ever encountered, I’ll refer to this exceptional children’s book:

God’s perfect love for us is like the sun. We may or may not consider it, but it gives life and light to all the world every day.

I want to turn toward our Heavenly Father like the flowers and trees do; reaching heavenward and adding purity to the air and beauty to the earth as they do so.

I want to share His goodness as a stream or river shares its water with every place it touches as it’s passing through.

I want to pray to Him with the stillness of a stone and the sweetness of birdsong.

In the inspired words of an ancient prophet,

…all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.”

(Alma 30:44)

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My mom is a hero to me in so many ways…

Last night I was watching Call The Midwife on Netflix and I heard this quotation:

“A mother is a mother still,

The holiest thing alive.”

(Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

I love looking at my baby photos; it was easy to see at a glance that I had a good mother because I was fat and happy. (Pleasingly plump; as is healthy for infants.) She made sure of that. She read to me, cared for me, played with me, cared for me, taught me, and cared for me some more.

My mom was exceptionally good at taking care of her children. She was seriously devoted to our healthy development. She grew large vegetable gardens, preserved vast quantities of fruit and vegetables, constantly baked us homemade bread, made sure we took our vitamins and flossed our teeth and practised the piano, did our best in school, and love each other.

I always felt my parents were happy with me and proud of me. I was supported, encouraged, and grew up believing I should and could meet their high expectations. That made me stretch and grow.

I still love talking to my mom because of her great sense of humour! She makes me laugh, and what’s better than sharing an irrepressible giggle with one’s own mom?

My mother’s beautiful faith has blessed me all my life. Her example of devotion to God amazes and inspires me. She’s a good person, a compassionate Christian, and I like knowing I’m in her prayers. They’re powerful.



Creek walks.

This week I went walking down to the water more than once; it soothes my soul so much.

Years ago a friend told me she was gifting her sister an indoor rock fountain to comfort her when her husband passed away. Since then I’ve thought often of how beautifully simple it is; the sound of running water as an enhancer of well-being.

While my husband may find it somewhat less relaxing than I do to spend time together by the creek, I maintain that it lifts me out of stress and into irresistible joy.

I need it. I have a lot of concerns pressing on my mind these days, and I am grateful for this simple form of escape.

It feels good to smile effortlessly. That’s a gift I receive most easily in the great outdoors. Thank Heaven.

Sourdough game strong.

I took this loaf out of the fridge (where it had been happily fermenting since yesterday afternoon) this morning after breakfast to bake for my little dayhomers’ lunch… I like the 24-hour cycle of preparing the dough one morning and baking it the next. There’s a nice gentle rhythm to it.

I was pleased with the shape and overall appearance of this particular boule. I know, looks aren’t everything. But in all honesty, they are for me when it comes to my sourdough bread these days. I can look at it, but I can’t eat it!

All I can say about that is that I dearly hope it doesn’t last. When I can, I will try to reintroduce it; I understand plenty of sourdough bread bakers out there became such out of a need for bread they can digest. Evidently the natural yeast and fermentation process pre-digests the gluten, making it that much simple for a tender gut to handle.

Fingers crossed!!

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Getting my hopes up.

I think I’ve probably always been this way. I live in hope. I’m an eternal optimist. Idealism sounds like a way better idea to me most times than realism. Saying that, I am an adult, so I do try to incorporate some of that practical necessity into my psyche as well. Occasionally.

I am under no illusions about one thing though; I realize that among middle-aged people I am likely in the minority.

That’s ok with me. To each her own. Or his own, if one is a him.

I have often compared ‘getting my hopes up’ to taking a ride in a hot air balloon. (This is a dream of mine.) Of course at the end of the ride, one must come back down to earth. But the view from way up in the sky, the glorious thrill of the ride in the blue heavens- this will make it worth the descent back to earth.

At least, I hope it would!

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