Sorry; I missed the memo on adults hating to celebrate their birthdays. I haven’t yet outgrown this childish tendency! Older, schmolder. So what? I am a day older every time I go to bed at night.

Birthdays involve hearing from friends and family, flowers, treats, and gifts. I like all of those things, so I still like my birthday.

Therefore, I had a lovely weekend, celebrating (read: eating things I shouldn’t.)

Thank you to everyone who made it a sweet and special time for me, and reminded me I am loved. It’s a good feeling! I love you all too… x

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Really? Yes, I know. But let’s be honest; how many of us even want to try resisting the hygge-ness of simply designed wooden tables and shelves, nifty couches and chairs, and endearing soft furnishings? Not I.Kirby and I spent hours looking at apartment condos with a realtor today, after which we cruised around the community we hope to live in by the end of the year. We located and visited the nearest LDS church of course, as well as parks, shopping, a YMCA and a public library. Then, before meeting our two oldest children and some of their friends for dinner at a nearby restaurant, we had a little time. After spending a significant portion of those minutes in the Costco gas bar line-up, we headed down to IKEA to look at some apartment-sized furniture. I like how they model tiny little apartments made cozy and inviting despite minuscule floor space. It made the condo we’d liked best earlier today seem large and spacious by comparison! #ikea #hemnes #apartment #hygge #simplify #home

Apple boxes.

While I can appreciate on an intellectual level that cardboard apple boxes were invented for and are made for transporting apples to grocery stores, I simply cannot take such a narrow view of their purpose myself.

We have moved from one home to another a great many times and I have learned that my dear husband infinitely prefers moving our belongings in apple boxes to moving them in any other variety of packing cases. This has been duly noted. We are now preparing to move house again for the first time in almost 10 years. Apple boxes it is!

I am blessed with very kind friends who have brought me many of these clever receptacles in advance of our downsizing move later this year. One of our friends is a butcher in the local Co-op grocery store so he is in the advantageous position of being on-hand to collect apple boxes for us from day to day.

This is perfect, because the boxes keep trickling in and I keep filling them little by little. It’s great to have so much time and a steady supply of sturdy boxes with lids. I can sort through a closet or cupboard and decide which items are to pass on now, and which to organize and pack for moving to our future home.

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Since Easter.

Babies are precious.

Thank you Mom, for keeping this little piece of dough-art for me from when I was very young!

My youngest daughter is currently studying human reproduction in her final high school biology class… She’s a good student, very conscientious and thorough, so it’s a lot to learn.

I told her this afternoon that this is one piece of academic knowledge that actually does come in very handy later in life. I remember pre-natal classes and books I read and doctor’s appointments all focused on this very biology.

This in contrast to calculus and trigonometry; while these may turn out to be very useful to an engineer, the sole practical function of these lessons for many of us is ‘learning to learn.’

A few minutes ago Emma told me all she had left in her unit of study was birth and lactation. My response was immediate; that’s the fun part- where you finally get to hold your baby!

I do recall a moment during a long labour when I said to my poor husband, “I’ve changed my mind!”

However much pregnancy and childbirth are no picnic, they are worth every moment, because of the precious little person who comes out of it all and into its mother’s arms.

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Happy Easter.

Here’s where we went for Easter Sunday dinner:

(photo taken from a snowdrift)

Where? Waterton Lake. Inside that lovely picnic shelter with the smoking hot chimney.

Why? You might well ask. Partly because the back of the truck was half full of firewood. But mainly because it was Jack’s 21st birthday! The birthday boy or girl always gets to have his or her choice of dinner on their big day, and he wished for a cookout. We had a roaring blaze in one of the huge stone fireplaces in there.

If not exactly spring-y, it certainly felt cozy, and bright, and relaxing. Wonderful to be together with loved ones, especially in a place so full of other happy memories for us.

Side note: I was poignantly reminded of the Hobbit movie while we toasted our food and ourselves by the crackling wood fire and looked out at the house-high snow drifts and fat swirling snowflakes outside.

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