Happy garden moments.

When I went out to the backyard early this morning, I was surprised and delighted to see that hundreds of earthworms had kindly taken it upon themselves to aerate our back lawn overnight! Everywhere I looked across the grass I saw little worm holes, beside which were neatly left their little worm-shaped piles of soil. Thank you, you wriggly little landscapers, you!

These little crocuses were the first ones I saw blooming in the garden early this week.

Then these ones came out across the yard in another little garden bed. Personally, I like the deeper colour of them better than the first ones.

I’m pretty sure this is a patch of sunshiny little baby daffodils! I love them best of all; can hardly wait to see them blooming…

Then there are the dayhome plants: hen & chicks! They grow in a couple spots around the back gardens.

Amid the stress of preparing to sell this home and find our next one, it’s really just so lovely to have little plants for unalloyed pleasure from day to day.

#garden #plants #joy #littlethings #simplepleasures #sunshine

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