I copied this out with my finger in the notes app on my phone this week when I read these thought-provoking words in a Father Brown story written by G.K. Chesterton.

It’s a simple little formula the title character was describing as his measure of a person’s character.

How we read other people; well and truly, or otherwise, is such a vast subject that I could devote an entire blog (not just a single post) to this subject.

Whatever our own means for deciphering the character of the individuals we each get to know, we will never know someone else all the way through as only God can. Thankfully, He understands us better than we know ourselves. This is the best reason I know for trying to be kind in our perception of others.

Then there’s the difference between personality (by which I mean more social/ visible traits) and character (deeper, more substantial qualities, which can take a bit more perception to discern). Is someone open, friendly, pleasant; is the same person honest, unselfish, and hardworking?

The one we each need to know the best, the only one for whose character we are accountable, is ourselves. Still, the people we choose to surround ourselves with, and especially those with whom we spend the most time, will definitely have a major impact of who we ourselves become!

I see someone the most clearly when I am under the beautiful, light-filled influence of the Holy Spirit.

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