Oblique workout.

The last couple mornings I have had the distinct pleasure of spending an hour at a time out in the very sunny backyard with my ‘little mob’ of dayhome children.

During our springy outdoor fun sessions, the wee ones play while I put my long handled garden spade to good use shoveling down the huge snowdrift that is currently the main feature of our backyard. I am pleased to report that after these happy hours of digging and throwing chunks of snow, I have made a real dent in it. Some parts of it are now under a foot high!

Heaps of snow aside, it really is super fun to be out there with my little friends and I trust that my obliques will thank me later.

In the meantime, I savour these little birthday beauties from Emma that are still blooming for me by my bedside!

#springissprung #thegrassisriz’ #Iwonderwhere #theflowersis

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