I feel somewhat distracted recently, as we are working to sell our house and find an apartment condo to buy in Calgary (a couple hours’ drive away) while carrying on with our day-to-day lives as best we can.

I’d like to say I have been following the lovely little adage, Keep Calm and Carry On. On the inside, though, it’s all a bit busy and exciting and somehow still a little sad to really feel calm.

Wait a minute! Maybe English people in WW2 also found it difficult to have an actual sense of calm pervade their psyche very deeply, too? Perhaps that was the purpose of the poster?! Yes, I suspect they did. So I might be doing better than I thought.

Rather than hiding out in books during the evenings when I have some time to think, I can make a few minutes to write after all, even if it’s about preparing to move…

My daughter Emma has recently started blogging at emmakdietze.wordpress.com and my son’s fiancé has also started up a new blog at journalsofawanderer.wordpress.com

…and they each have plenty of big life changes in the works for this year. If they can be wise enough to weave their busyness and change into their blogging, then so can I.

#thanksgirls #lifeismessy #thatsok #keepcalmandcarryon #writingitout #writingthroughitall

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