My Sweet Rose

by John William Waterhouse 1908

There’s something exquisitely tender and yearning in this picture. It’s been a favourite of mine since I first saw it.

I can so relate to the feeling with which she lays her hand on the garden wall and inhales the essence of a rose. Clearly she is cherishing the moment she has with it.

This reminds me poignantly of the huge rose bush outside the kitchen window in our back garden in England. Our roses were blush-coloured, tinging deeper at the tips of the petals. Every time I looked at it or smelled the blooms, it made me happy.

Of course I no longer live there or enjoy that garden, with its high brick walls and lush ferns and roses and plum tree (and enormous resident toad)…

I very much appreciate the artist who created this painting. It helps me hold on to the scent of my sweet roses.

#art #artist #J.W.Waterhouse #mysweetrose #garden #memories #sweet

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