Apple boxes.

While I can appreciate on an intellectual level that cardboard apple boxes were invented for and are made for transporting apples to grocery stores, I simply cannot take such a narrow view of their purpose myself.

We have moved from one home to another a great many times and I have learned that my dear husband infinitely prefers moving our belongings in apple boxes to moving them in any other variety of packing cases. This has been duly noted. We are now preparing to move house again for the first time in almost 10 years. Apple boxes it is!

I am blessed with very kind friends who have brought me many of these clever receptacles in advance of our downsizing move later this year. One of our friends is a butcher in the local Co-op grocery store so he is in the advantageous position of being on-hand to collect apple boxes for us from day to day.

This is perfect, because the boxes keep trickling in and I keep filling them little by little. It’s great to have so much time and a steady supply of sturdy boxes with lids. I can sort through a closet or cupboard and decide which items are to pass on now, and which to organize and pack for moving to our future home.

#littlethings #appleboxes #helpinghands #friends #kindness #preptime #aheadofthegame

Since Easter.

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