Babies are precious.

Thank you Mom, for keeping this little piece of dough-art for me from when I was very young!

My youngest daughter is currently studying human reproduction in her final high school biology class… She’s a good student, very conscientious and thorough, so it’s a lot to learn.

I told her this afternoon that this is one piece of academic knowledge that actually does come in very handy later in life. I remember pre-natal classes and books I read and doctor’s appointments all focused on this very biology.

This in contrast to calculus and trigonometry; while these may turn out to be very useful to an engineer, the sole practical function of these lessons for many of us is ‘learning to learn.’

A few minutes ago Emma told me all she had left in her unit of study was birth and lactation. My response was immediate; that’s the fun part- where you finally get to hold your baby!

I do recall a moment during a long labour when I said to my poor husband, “I’ve changed my mind!”

However much pregnancy and childbirth are no picnic, they are worth every moment, because of the precious little person who comes out of it all and into its mother’s arms.

#babies #childbirth #wonder #miracle #worthit

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