Happy Easter.

Here’s where we went for Easter Sunday dinner:

(photo taken from a snowdrift)

Where? Waterton Lake. Inside that lovely picnic shelter with the smoking hot chimney.

Why? You might well ask. Partly because the back of the truck was half full of firewood. But mainly because it was Jack’s 21st birthday! The birthday boy or girl always gets to have his or her choice of dinner on their big day, and he wished for a cookout. We had a roaring blaze in one of the huge stone fireplaces in there.

If not exactly spring-y, it certainly felt cozy, and bright, and relaxing. Wonderful to be together with loved ones, especially in a place so full of other happy memories for us.

Side note: I was poignantly reminded of the Hobbit movie while we toasted our food and ourselves by the crackling wood fire and looked out at the house-high snow drifts and fat swirling snowflakes outside.

#springtimeinalberta #waterton #birthdayboy #goodtimes #family #food #fun #weather #memories

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