Happy garden moments.

When I went out to the backyard early this morning, I was surprised and delighted to see that hundreds of earthworms had kindly taken it upon themselves to aerate our back lawn overnight! Everywhere I looked across the grass I saw little worm holes, beside which were neatly left their little worm-shaped piles of soil. Thank you, you wriggly little landscapers, you!

These little crocuses were the first ones I saw blooming in the garden early this week.

Then these ones came out across the yard in another little garden bed. Personally, I like the deeper colour of them better than the first ones.

I’m pretty sure this is a patch of sunshiny little baby daffodils! I love them best of all; can hardly wait to see them blooming…

Then there are the dayhome plants: hen & chicks! They grow in a couple spots around the back gardens.

Amid the stress of preparing to sell this home and find our next one, it’s really just so lovely to have little plants for unalloyed pleasure from day to day.

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I spent about 4 hours gardening today, in the glorious spring sunshine! Only two little wee girls came to dayhome today, and they played and chatted adorably while I raked and clipped and dug.

They were enchanted by the earthworms which kept surfacing in the lovely moist black soil under my hands.

It’s been a long time coming, and I feel like I just can’t get enough of the backyard. It’s so energizing to me.

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I copied this out with my finger in the notes app on my phone this week when I read these thought-provoking words in a Father Brown story written by G.K. Chesterton.

It’s a simple little formula the title character was describing as his measure of a person’s character.

How we read other people; well and truly, or otherwise, is such a vast subject that I could devote an entire blog (not just a single post) to this subject.

Whatever our own means for deciphering the character of the individuals we each get to know, we will never know someone else all the way through as only God can. Thankfully, He understands us better than we know ourselves. This is the best reason I know for trying to be kind in our perception of others.

Then there’s the difference between personality (by which I mean more social/ visible traits) and character (deeper, more substantial qualities, which can take a bit more perception to discern). Is someone open, friendly, pleasant; is the same person honest, unselfish, and hardworking?

The one we each need to know the best, the only one for whose character we are accountable, is ourselves. Still, the people we choose to surround ourselves with, and especially those with whom we spend the most time, will definitely have a major impact of who we ourselves become!

I see someone the most clearly when I am under the beautiful, light-filled influence of the Holy Spirit.

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So in love!

I hope our fine son and his lovely fiancé will always be able to find such joy in each other! They are so in love, and we are so very happy for them.

It’s a good, good thing to have more love than they know what to do with! They are just beginning their life together; and as we all know, life is not always easy. Plenty of love to spare will stand them in good stead along the way…

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Oblique workout.

The last couple mornings I have had the distinct pleasure of spending an hour at a time out in the very sunny backyard with my ‘little mob’ of dayhome children.

During our springy outdoor fun sessions, the wee ones play while I put my long handled garden spade to good use shoveling down the huge snowdrift that is currently the main feature of our backyard. I am pleased to report that after these happy hours of digging and throwing chunks of snow, I have made a real dent in it. Some parts of it are now under a foot high!

Heaps of snow aside, it really is super fun to be out there with my little friends and I trust that my obliques will thank me later.

In the meantime, I savour these little birthday beauties from Emma that are still blooming for me by my bedside!

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I feel somewhat distracted recently, as we are working to sell our house and find an apartment condo to buy in Calgary (a couple hours’ drive away) while carrying on with our day-to-day lives as best we can.

I’d like to say I have been following the lovely little adage, Keep Calm and Carry On. On the inside, though, it’s all a bit busy and exciting and somehow still a little sad to really feel calm.

Wait a minute! Maybe English people in WW2 also found it difficult to have an actual sense of calm pervade their psyche very deeply, too? Perhaps that was the purpose of the poster?! Yes, I suspect they did. So I might be doing better than I thought.

Rather than hiding out in books during the evenings when I have some time to think, I can make a few minutes to write after all, even if it’s about preparing to move…

My daughter Emma has recently started blogging at emmakdietze.wordpress.com and my son’s fiancé has also started up a new blog at journalsofawanderer.wordpress.com

…and they each have plenty of big life changes in the works for this year. If they can be wise enough to weave their busyness and change into their blogging, then so can I.

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My Sweet Rose

by John William Waterhouse 1908

There’s something exquisitely tender and yearning in this picture. It’s been a favourite of mine since I first saw it.

I can so relate to the feeling with which she lays her hand on the garden wall and inhales the essence of a rose. Clearly she is cherishing the moment she has with it.

This reminds me poignantly of the huge rose bush outside the kitchen window in our back garden in England. Our roses were blush-coloured, tinging deeper at the tips of the petals. Every time I looked at it or smelled the blooms, it made me happy.

Of course I no longer live there or enjoy that garden, with its high brick walls and lush ferns and roses and plum tree (and enormous resident toad)…

I very much appreciate the artist who created this painting. It helps me hold on to the scent of my sweet roses.

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