As our house is for sale, I am going through our belongings and sorting out what I’ll keep and what to donate when we move. We’re planning to downsize when our last child moves out later this year, so the process involves fine-tooth comb tactics!

My favourite room to work in is the one where I have all my boxes and boxes of letters, cards, and keepsakes. It’s like opening a treasure trove. I wonder why I haven’t spent more evenings over the years searching through these very precious papers and feeding my soul with the words of love written on them!

I have pictures from small children- my sweet sisters, old friends, little dayhome friends, and of course my own son and daughters… Love letters from my husband over the years, and many cards and letters from my mom and dad and sisters.

This is one of my favourites. Dad left it for me on the kitchen table one morning when he went to work while I was a teenager. Suffice it to say that at that point in my life, his faith in me spoke more about him than it did about me!

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I am a hopelessly addicted bibliophile. I always have been. Always. My mother tells me my first word was “book”. I can easily believe this. Very few things are as exciting and simultaneously relaxing to me as reading a good book.

Therefore it is unsurprising how at home I feel in libraries. And bookstores. A few years ago, my then- young adolescent son began to refer to the library staff in our small town as my ‘homies’. Not sure if I spelled that right. It’s not actually a part of my spoken or written vocabulary in real life. Good-natured teasing…

One characteristic of librarians and their colleagues that I find particularly endearing is how universally helpful and accommodating they are.

Thank you to all the lovely people who populate our public libraries, making the general public feel welcome and supported in the wonderful world of books!


This afternoon I and a few of my littlest friends went out for our first puddle-jumping of the season. It was a very hopeful and therefore heartwarming expedition for me.

For the wee folk, it involved a lot of laughing out loud while running uphill through mud and snow- in boots. (Can adults do that? Is it even physiologically possible after age 6?)

Eventually we began the homeward trek because of wet feet. Theirs, not mine. We left the wet boots and socks outside the front door to dry in the warm sunshine.

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Blue spring sky.

All the mountains of snow are really starting to melt! It will probably be a while, but this afternoon the sky was so blue; not a cloud anywhere to be seen.

(fig. 1: How I felt about keeping warm inside most days this winter)

(fig. 2: How I felt about taking a walk in the spring sunshine with the wee folk today)

I only had three little children with me today, so it was easy to take them walking down to the library on Main Street. I’ve really missed being outside walking during the days this winter, and it felt beautifully spring-y.

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I’ve always loved doing hair. This might come as a surprise to you, if you’ve seen mine on an average day. It is, however, a fact. I especially like doing girls’ hair; long hair. Fun and fancy braids and twists and things.

And what a lucky mama I’ve been to have two daughters with (very different varieties of) lovely hair for me to play with!

Here is the 2017 Christmas sisters hair photo we seem to do every year! This is pretty much how their hair each sets out of the shower.

This evening I got to try out a fun one on Emma’s hair:

While she is off to University later this year, never fear. I have a good supply of younger nieces… 😉 The fun never ends!

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This morning I woke up with no more migraine, which was an answer to prayer. I got to go with my dear friend to the temple after all!

I didn’t think to take a picture when we were there today, but I found one online:

It’s very pretty in the snow as well, which is a good thing, considering the local climate. When my husband and I were married there in early May, 22 years ago this spring, our photos had a Christmassy look to them due to a ‘spring storm’.

Whatever the weather outside, inside the temple is always so peaceful… It’s my favourite place to be, and not just because it’s where families are sealed together forever. It’s actually a sanctuary; a place of comfort, healing, spiritual learning, and understanding.

Life can be hard. I am eternally grateful for temples; a bit of heaven on earth.

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Relay mystery.

I requested (from the library) anything written by G.K. Chesterton, after learning he had been the author of the books upon which the engaging Netflix series, Father Brown, was based.

What the local library had on the shelf was this book,

-of which G.K. Chesterton wrote… the prologue!

Who knew there was- and apparently still is- an actual Detection Club?! Mystery/ detective writers who got together and wrote clever novels relay-style. What a task.

So now I’m reading The Floating Admiral. I do like how one thing leads to another. Sometimes it seems quite serendipitous to me. Learning about a writer through a film or TV series, then meeting a set of other like-minded writers as a spin-off from that; the possibilities are endless.

I need never fear running out of good books to read.

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