Me the sheep.

I have a Pinterest page whereon I collect images of sheep, because I can’t help myself.

When we were little girls on the farm, we each had a sheep named after ourselves; and when they were sheared, our Aunty Mona spun and wove us scarves from their wool. Maybe that’s where my mild but steady fixation with these wooly little creatures began.

Maybe it also has something to do with the Bible, and Jesus being the Good Shepherd. My soul responds readily to being His… under his loving care is a nice place to be!

Either way, here are a few of my favourite sheep pictures; these ones make me smile because they remind me very much of my days with the little ones who come under MY care. xoxo

(Frequently, I open my door to just such a sight 😉

(I am flattered to be such a favourite spot to sit; whether it’s story time or quiet time, my lap is in great demand 😉

(On days when I only have a few wee ones, I like taking them out trekking!)

(Guess which one is me in this photo 😉

#sheep #GoodShepherd #children #dayhome #sheepdog

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