As our house is for sale, I am going through our belongings and sorting out what I’ll keep and what to donate when we move. We’re planning to downsize when our last child moves out later this year, so the process involves fine-tooth comb tactics!

My favourite room to work in is the one where I have all my boxes and boxes of letters, cards, and keepsakes. It’s like opening a treasure trove. I wonder why I haven’t spent more evenings over the years searching through these very precious papers and feeding my soul with the words of love written on them!

I have pictures from small children- my sweet sisters, old friends, little dayhome friends, and of course my own son and daughters… Love letters from my husband over the years, and many cards and letters from my mom and dad and sisters.

This is one of my favourites. Dad left it for me on the kitchen table one morning when he went to work while I was a teenager. Suffice it to say that at that point in my life, his faith in me spoke more about him than it did about me!

#unconditionallove #powerofthepen #memories #blessed

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