Relay mystery.

I requested (from the library) anything written by G.K. Chesterton, after learning he had been the author of the books upon which the engaging Netflix series, Father Brown, was based.

What the local library had on the shelf was this book,

-of which G.K. Chesterton wrote… the prologue!

Who knew there was- and apparently still is- an actual Detection Club?! Mystery/ detective writers who got together and wrote clever novels relay-style. What a task.

So now I’m reading The Floating Admiral. I do like how one thing leads to another. Sometimes it seems quite serendipitous to me. Learning about a writer through a film or TV series, then meeting a set of other like-minded writers as a spin-off from that; the possibilities are endless.

I need never fear running out of good books to read.

#goodbooks #mystery #detective #writers #authors

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