Little ones.

I was woken by an oncoming migraine about 4 o’clock this morning. Took meds and went back to sleep, hoping it would be gone when I woke for the day.

Nope. It hung around all day, but wasn’t too intense so I still had my little people here for dayhome. In between story time and art and bundling them up to play in the snow and unbundling them when they were ready to come inside and snacks and lunch and diapers etc, I rested on the couch beside them while they played.

Five little boys and one very little girl. So sweet, and so good about playing together without shouting. One of them even offered to give me a hand up when we went upstairs for afternoon snack time!

No wonder Jesus said in the Bible that we should “become as little children”…

#children #angels #dayhome #blessed #Jesus #Bible

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