I took a screenshot of this very true quotation, which I found on Instagram, posted by mormonblog…

Years ago, when we lived in England, I was with a friend when she asked her husband to bring home some dinner for them that evening. She emphasized that her request was not for ‘ingredients’, but for ‘dinner’!

It was amusing because, of course, most afternoons when we enter the kitchen, we expect to compile various ingredients to prepare a homemade meal. Eating ‘take-out’ for supper is another matter entirely. Faster, more convenient, and usually a yummy treat, but different to home cooking.

Most of us would agree that there are certain times when something ready-made can boost our mood and help happiness along, like a fertilizer injecting nutrients into a plant’s soil.

Still, for the most part, real and lasting happiness comes as a result of our own day-to-day choices. There’s little a fertilizer can do if we haven’t prepared soil, planted seeds, allowed water and sun to reach our little garden (or pot) and provided careful tending.

“We must cultivate our own garden”


Like so many of the very sweetest things in life, happiness really is handmade.

#homemade #handmade #happiness

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